• Image of INDEPENDENCE - Many Clans, One Vision #3

The 3rd issue of the Native Youth Movement publication is a sixty-six page full color magazine.

We use full page posters with images and graphics meant to teach indigenous youth basic skill sets and help shape a positive image of Indigenous people and therefore themselves.

This publication is a form of photojournalism with images of people from around the world who have chosen to resist the industrialization of the earth as well as those who currently live in industrialized places and are fighting to become free.

The theme of the magazine is Indigenous Independence. What does Independence mean to Indigenous People? How do we define this terminology?

Our Indigenous Independence Movement does not seek economic independence from old nation states or to become a new one. We do not want to make a new set of man- made laws & control or receive united nations recognition.

Indigenous Independence is taking care of ourselves and not needing any person or man-made government to Live. It is being self-sufficient in every facet of our existence. It is following the Natural Law. It is being able to take care of our own food, water, clothes, health and protection. It is learning and teaching our children Our-Story, not His-story. It is time to re-establish our Nations and way of life.

Who are we?
How did we get into the current situation we are in? Has it always been this way?
How do we become our own again?

The current state of the earth is a direct result of speciesism, the idea that humans, regardless of race, have put themselves above the rest of creation in order to have a life of ease and convenience. Industrial living is supposed to be so advanced, easy and convenient. So why is the earth in the worst situation ever? Why is there barely any clean drinking water? Why are humans in the industrial world more sickly than ever, developing more diseases from stress and diet related health problems than those who are self-sufficient and have maintained their tribal customs and land bases?

The current developments that are destroying vast amounts of land, water and air are the symptoms of a sick society, creating problems for all of creation. We must be aware of these problems and come up with solutions to them. There are many opinions and views of what solutions may be, at this time we are not going to debate whose solution is the best. What we will say is that appealing to the moral fiber of industrial nation states is a failed strategy. How do you appeal to somebody's moral fiber who has none? Freedom of speech, right of assembly and protest are all legal in most nation states because they are not effective in stopping the industrial beast.

What is proven effective is re-building our Independent Nations and becoming self- sufficient in our own lands again.

If the industrial world collapsed today, would you collapse with it? And why?

Becoming self-sufficient is the real Movement for healthy Life. Most humans have become completely dependent on industry and man-made government for existence. Not needing them is the only way to fight them and be successful.

Was this our choice?

In the majority of cases, the answer is no. It was forced upon us through centuries of violence and fear. But, it is our choice if we stay a part of the industrial world, and do not seek change.

How do we survive and thrive without industry?

It takes purpose, knowledge and skills. First purpose must be established.

What is our purpose for being on earth and how will our existence contribute to make it better place for the future?

As any other animal our purpose is to continue Life. Not just survive but thrive in a healthy way that does not destroy other forms of creations right to do the same.

This publication will focus on solutions to the problems facing our Territories, such as tar-sands, fracking, off-shore oil drilling, logging, housing developments, mining, pipelines, dams, GMO foods, etc.

The intention of this publication is to re-instill Indigenous pride and purpose in our people, especially in our youth.

Thank you for your support in helping this publication get printed and distributed throughout the world

Thank you for your support of Indigenous Youth